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w&m by Dana Countryman

Another boring day, another lecture in Chemistry
I tried to stay awake, but I kept falling asleep
But little did I know before the class was over
everything would change
I never noticed him; the boy behind me in Chemistry

And then, the teacher said to choose a partner for Chemistry
And all other students found a partner, but me
That’s when the boy behind me tapped me on the shoulder,
and he smiled at me
And suddenly, I had a study partner in Chemistry

He always met me after school, about a quarter after three
We’d work on our assignments down at the library
And there, behind the shelves of books on Roman archaeology,
he pulled me close, and said he loved me and kissed me tenderly

And now we walk together, hand in hand, into Chemistry
And all other girls just smile and they wish they were me
There’s one more thing, I proudly wear his ring
We’re goin’ steady, now you see
And now we sit together, side by side
learning’ Chemistry

I never dreamed my fav’rite class would ever be Chemistry

©2016 Friends Romans Music BMI


from Dana Countryman's "Girlville​!​", released January 13, 2017
featuring Kathy Hettel
Tenor sax solo: Jon Goforth
Violins: Roxanne Bickley and Kim Saldin
Backing vocs: The Four Fresh Dana’s



all rights reserved